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November 8, 2007

Jimmy Blaze Interview and more

Jimmy Blaze… Where there’s smoke there’s fire!!

I had quite an interesting chat with Jimmy Blaze yesterday. He was in California having just put on a big show in Vegas, smb-signature-poster_173471.jpgpart of the SEMA auto show (biggest car show going!). He still chooses to use Phazer’s and when asked what, if any advantage they had over other sleds, he told me its all about the physical size and chassis layout. I asked him about the supercharger he had installed when I last saw him out in Revelstoke-“only for altitude” he replied “for anything under 4000 feet I run the stock motor”.

So whats the deal with the chassis that works so well?- “It’s more like ‘sitting on a ball‘ than a bench. I can deal with weight issues or power issues (on any sled) by installing modifications, but controlling the CG and handling (in the air) is something that needs to be designed into the chassis”

I mentioned his recent trip to Japan and what he experienced. I was taken aback by his answer (remember Jimmy has had the fortune to travel the world over) -“the most amazing place I have ever been in my life, I’d go back in an instant. ” “The Yamaha guys had a special reception for me in the communication plaza (factory museum), I was choked, I’ve never felt more appreciated. I felt a sense of pride, of being part of something much bigger”. Jimmy also had the factory tour and was impressed to the point of truly understanding what Yamaha build quality is all about. We didn’t get too deep into his Tokyo exploits but I can well imagine…

His world record for the long distance flip still stands even though there are some younger, less mortal challengers laying it down. I got the feeling Jimmy is looking to leave an new mark, by coming up with another big trick that hasn’t been done (yet) on a sled.

Funny thing, I asked if he gets any time to just ride and I kind of struck a nerve. One I can relate to. He is so busy with the show business side of sledding, he’s losing touch with the essence of the game. The one thing we all desire the most- simply riding a snowmobile.

He’s had a run of bad luck of late which he blames mostly on not riding enough. He has suffered three serious concussions this season, the most recent in Vegas where he was performing pavement to pavement. He came unhooked from the toe holds during a flip and had to land in a ‘Superman’ position clinging only to the bars… smashed his chest protector and embedded shards of plastic into his ribs, knocking himself out. Somewhat jokingly, he mentioned he didn’t gamble at all while in Vegas for fear of using up any more of his luck.

Jimmy, brother… you gotta get back home and get on your sled for an epic or at least a few days of just boon docking and goofing around… life’s too short. For more on the man here’s his side of the Vegas story vegas-story1.doc or check out his MySpace pages

Bryan (our marketing creative guy) had a little fun making a new 30 second vid-clip for Snowmobiler TV. In honor of our 40th, he used some archive footage of an old commercial where we dropped an ET from a helicopter to an awaiting Angelo Mosca, titled the ‘ultimate impact’. There is a hilarious out take of the original where the parachute didn’t open… oops, anybody have a spare sled?

Chris over at TourBuddy is getting ready to ship his FX Nytro saddle tanks. The final capacity offers up 12.6 liters or 3.3 USg. Here’s some pics of the install, definitely and example of function over form. But, if you have long distances between gas where you ride, this may just be the ticket for your peace of mind. Cheers.

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2 Responses to “Jimmy Blaze Interview and more”

  1. Justin says:

    3 Concussions this year alone? Jimmy bud, go out, do some trail riding and for gods sake, don’t kill yourself! Interesting that he only runs the supercharger in the high elevations. Can you give us any word on what Yammy is bringing new this coming year? Speculation has been that its the redesign of the apex, I’d love a story, word, or anything else you guys are even THINKING about for the future.

    Hey Justin, not to worry, Jimmy is one tough SOB… regarding speculating next years models, I really can’t say too much but heres a hint. We launched the Nytro last spring with the Phazer the year before. Thats two new chassis in two years. To accomplish this our engineers have been working triple time and testing, just as hard. There are likely some variations of the existing chassis that we want but have not had the time and manpower to build. Could be a season of model variants and refinements before taking the next big step. But then again, maybe we’ll take a look at the new R1 motor and see what it’ll fit… ‘loose lips-sink ships’ 😛

  2. chris says:

    how fast does the fx nytro rtx 130 hp go? and what is the the acceleration?

    Suggest you post your question over on TY, there won’t be a clear answer but I can tell you Nytro was calibrated for acceleration over top-speed. Conditions will ultimately determine on any given day… cr

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