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November 5, 2007

More Snowmobile Updates

Ask me no questions–I’ll tell you no lies…

Man I am starting to get a lot of accessories questions from some of you. I’ll try to play for now but might have to limit in the future if I can’t keep up.

Boz asked —“In the little parts pouch for the wind deflector kit it has these snap washers that the black cap covers snap onto, to cover the screw. Am I making sense so far?? Anyway, I should have gotten six of the snap washers, and I only got four!! My dealer can’t seem to help”— Well Boz, the parts guys have a baggy full and are going to set these snap buttons up as a parts number and post on our web-site. Your dealer will be able to acquire. You should have recv’d six, have your dealer follow-up with our people in a few days.

We checked with the supplier of the Nytro MTX Ultra plate (see post A Prototype and Other Stuff), they confirmed thenytro-skid-plate.jpg plate will bolt onto a short track no problem but we don’t have a photo. It really is designed for improved flotation in deep snow, might look a little weird on the groomed trails and could be really interesting WFO on Kevlar Lake ‘Houston we have lift-off’. 😉

Yellowknife asked–“Yamaha USA shows 2 different FX Nytro Windshield Bags. One is for the stock windshield (SMA-8GL21-20-00) and the other is for the accessory windshields like the medium and tall ones (SMA-8GL21-30-00) Yamaha Canada does not show the later part number. I ordered the stock one, but am putting a tall windshield on – can I/should I place the order for the later part number instead?” Well YK, our guys have contacted the vendor and should have an answer within 24 hours… I’ll get back to you.

“Yamaha USA and Yamaha Canada show different pictures for the Nytro MTX Rear Rack. Do you know which one is correct? Both have same part number (SMA-8HBRR-RA-CK)” The US picture is correct, we have updated our site, we had an older shot up prior.

img_0076.jpg “Do you know of any existing pictures using the Nytro Windshield Side Deflector Kit (SMA-8GL96-60-00)? Interested in what it looks like all together with an accessory windshield before ordering.”

Heres one of the prototypes from our dealer meeting we held last spring.

Okay, while I’m straying off-topic within my own arena. I’ll post this link to a rather disturbing news article which is attempting to shed some light on the US economy and the impact on (our) currency exchange.

Finally, I have had a few inquiries regarding some model availability. We have had some minor delays getting units delivered to our regional warehouses, here in an excerpt from a dealer bulletin going out this week…

We expect to have all 2008 EDP model snowmobiles delivered to dealers by November 23, 2007.
We apologize for this delay and ensure that EDP customer’s unit delivery commitment is a priority.
Please ensure that you communicate with your EDP customers that their unit is expected shortly and will be ready in time to start the 2008 snowmobile riding season.”

On that happy note, I’ll post something other than accessory stuff later this week. Still want to get an update from Jimmy Blaze and our SX race team… cheers cr

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61 Responses to “More Snowmobile Updates”

  1. wayne says:

    ihave 2008 Yamaha venture its flashing code 81 and will not turn over, CAN anyone tell me whats wrong’

  2. Dean says:

    I have a 02 viper 700 that was wet Ina flood. Motor has been redone and all electrical cleaned, dried and sealed. The sled runs sweet but the red warning light will flash three times when I slow down fast. I need to add the rear cooler as the temp light comes on some times when running slow. Is that stored and that is just letting me know?

  3. Denise says:

    Our 2006 yamaha viking professional post it’s running lights as well as dash light indicators. Could you please suggest to us what this issue could possibly be and what to do to resolve this problem. Thanks

  4. Chris says:

    Hard to say, could be a connector, circuit breaker or switch, worse case the ECU. Always best to have a qualified technician do the trouble shooting when it comes to electrical.

  5. David says:

    Hey guy got a 2010 yamaha rs venture gt and a 2007 phazer fx both showing code 43 when cold and would not start dealer gave fuel relay new ones are red and better insulated havent had a problem since i think they were 17 bucks thanks

  6. George says:

    Vk ignition wont work

  7. Ray says:

    I have a 2010 yamaha nytro xtx. Code 46 popped up. I Have to boost it to get it going then if I leave it idle it dies on me. I have to keep burping the gas to keep it running. If I turn of the key it won’t fire again with out a boost. If I change batteries will that work is the issue in the charging system. Any ideas would be appreciated

    Hey Dave, Sled Talk isn’t a DIY resource, I generally refer these inquiries to dealerships. But here’s a tip… Totallyamaha is a great place to start your research

  8. dan says:

    2009 venture lite drops 1 cylinder so changed spark coil pack ran good for a couple of rides then started again ,noticed oil in plug depression on 1 cylinder could valve cover gasket be the issue

  9. danica says:

    i have a 2009 yamaha nytro one of the cylinders isnt getting fuel, we swapped injectors and the injectors are good but still no fuel in the center injector… anyone might know what my problem is?

  10. andre says:

    I have venture tf 2009 and when cold does not idle at all..have to keep figer on gaz to keep going

  11. Brian says:

    2009 Yamaha FX Nytro all stock. Ran great last winter. Over the summer battery went dead. Put new battery in today. Started right up, and I let it warmup until oil light went off. Ran it up the driveway and the engine icon came on and the yellow warning light at about 20 mph, sled stopped but kept running. I let it idle and icon and light went off. Rode back to barn and shut it off. Waited for about 20 minutes and tried again. Was able to get it up 30-35 mph and it did it again. Starting and idling it seems fine and under 30 mph. No other icons, fault codes come up. Check all connections after I put new battery in and all seem ok. Any ideas
    Thanks Brian

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