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October 18, 2007

Yamaha Snowmobile Updates and Information


…And The Big Wheels Keep On Turning

In my post ‘Careful What You Ask For’ I promised to give you some update info on the 07 sleds including the Phazer’s. This has taken some time to ‘green light’, as service issues often do.

What we refer to internally as ‘counter-measures’ come about through a series of events. In a nut-shell, we rely heavily on market-reports generated by our regional service people working with our dealers. The ‘litmus test’ is found in the warranty claims history of the various models. Our factory service people monitor all the data and work closely with engineering to first analyze the information for cause and result then take action. Seems simple enough but there are many factors involved complicating the procedure and taking up time. (more on this in another post)

We have learned over the years– rushing forward with a knee jerk solution can create bigger liabilities long term. I am thinking about the 87 Exciter and the conversion to round slide carburetors as one example (some of you might remember that one).

Counter measures generally fall into a couple of categories…

Factory Recalls: which are serious, often safety related, ‘must-do’ modifications or updates that apply to all or a specific serial number range and are filed with the federal government to whom we must show a very high percentage of completion.

Update modifications: where all units may be affected but the modification doesn’t involve safety or reliability. The decision becomes your choice whether you would like to have it performed. or not.

So here’s my caveat, most of the following information is currently being finalized before being distributed to our dealer network, not all dealers may have received bulletins yet so please don’t blind side them with pointed inquiries. We just wanted you to know some of what’s coming down the pipe.

recall-letter.jpgWe have only one factory recall for 07 Phazer / Venture models. We haven’t had any serious incidents and in all likelihood this would not happen to the majority but I am not down playing the seriousness of the potential. If you have one of the affected sleds contact a dealer asap to get the countermeasure.

Some 07 Phazer’s (and Ventures) had reports of not starting in certain extreme conditions.

We have a counter measure for the affected units which include an update to the decompression system and the ECU mapping. Note: it is normal for the P500 engine to crank-over a few times when cold starting and this will not change. This counter-measure is for sleds that flat out, won’t start in severe cold. If you aren’t sure, speak to your dealer.

07 Viking Professionals are known, in some conditions, to be difficult shifting to and from reverse, we are working on a countermeasure and should have some good news to our dealers around mid-November.

07 Phazer’s have a reputation for ice build up in the tunnel and running boards.

The new 08 machines have undergone changes including plastic panels which close the gap between the seat and tunnel to reduce the build up of ice and snow on the running boards. We know some riders were disappointed with this and we will be announcing an update kit for the 07’s mid-November.

Last year we had a an update modification for 06 Apex and RSNytro handle-bar warmers .Again, to ensure customer satisfaction we will continue to offer the kits this season for new owners and sleds which did not have the update done prior.

So far the FXNytro has a clean bill of health. We have completed training our dealership technicians on the proper PDI of the units and informed them of any technical updates required to deliver the sleds.

One other small item, the 40th Nytro models were pictured in the brochure with red rear wheels where the production models come with silver. Scott brought this to my attention on the blog and I did a little digging. It turns out the silver wheels are .23 grams lighter than the red wheels and it was decided to go with them to help keep the weight down 😉nytro.jpg

OK- I’m sorry but I had to say that… seriously we had a mix up with the brochures but at this point in time it is not feasible to try and swap out all the wheels, it certainly won’t effect performance and I hope everyone can understand our limitations. When it comes to important update modifications we always stand behind our snowmobiles, sometimes it just takes time.

Last but not least, our final round of unit shipments are commencing next week, including the 40th MTX models AND we have recently released several strong sales programs starting with ATV’s designed to ease the burden of the current economic situation, snowmobiles are next but its supposed to be a secret ssshhhhh.

So all we need now is some snow. Cheers cr

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56 Responses to “Yamaha Snowmobile Updates and Information”

  1. EProulx says:

    I just bought a 2007 venture 500 off my good buddy, the machine is in good condition, the problem I am having is that it doesn’t want to go into reverse. My buddy says just shut it off, restart it then press it and it goes into reverse and never had an issue to disengage it! One touch of the button out of reverse and into forward she would go. The button obviously is working This worked for a bit but the whole time I was wondering what could be causing this jackpot? Sure enough the reverse is no longer engaging and I’m wondering if there has been any simple fixes for this such as a relay, sensor or fuses!???

    There were bulletins issued to dealers on the subject, that is where I would start. Make sure it has any appropriate updates and is set-up to spec. cheers cr

  2. Dave says:

    I have a somewhat the same problem as EProlx.
    My 2007 Yamaha Phazer FX when put in reverse will stay in forward or when it goes in reverse it will not switch to forward as requested. The offending light will blink. In the forums they suggest rocking it to engage the actuator. Sometimes that works but some times not.On march 11th it’s going into the shop. ( A Yamaha authorized repair shop) Any updates or suggestions I can tell them about? Thanks

    Yep, your dealer should have the updates on file, if not they will need to contact our service support group. cheers cr

  3. jmweir says:

    more like a question vs a comment. I own a 2011 yamaha venture gt 2up snowmobile and it came with an aftermarket heated seat. Does anyone know or had experience with them burning a hole in the seat? had someone who had their ski bibs melted due to this and just looking for some insight. Otherwise this sled is super fun,fast and great for riding! Thank you

  4. vicky porath says:

    have a 2007 venture lite yamaha and has new battery but to start it all it does is click click click what could be the problems? battery cables are tight. had very cold weather last 2 weeks could that be it?

  5. rejean says:

    phaser2007 back fireon compression

  6. gail says:

    can some tell me how to change the tail light/brake light on my 2005 yamaha rx1 sled

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