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October 18, 2007

Yamaha Snowmobile Updates and Information


…And The Big Wheels Keep On Turning

In my post ‘Careful What You Ask For’ I promised to give you some update info on the 07 sleds including the Phazer’s. This has taken some time to ‘green light’, as service issues often do.

What we refer to internally as ‘counter-measures’ come about through a series of events. In a nut-shell, we rely heavily on market-reports generated by our regional service people working with our dealers. The ‘litmus test’ is found in the warranty claims history of the various models. Our factory service people monitor all the data and work closely with engineering to first analyze the information for cause and result then take action. Seems simple enough but there are many factors involved complicating the procedure and taking up time. (more on this in another post)

We have learned over the years– rushing forward with a knee jerk solution can create bigger liabilities long term. I am thinking about the 87 Exciter and the conversion to round slide carburetors as one example (some of you might remember that one).

Counter measures generally fall into a couple of categories…

Factory Recalls: which are serious, often safety related, ‘must-do’ modifications or updates that apply to all or a specific serial number range and are filed with the federal government to whom we must show a very high percentage of completion.

Update modifications: where all units may be affected but the modification doesn’t involve safety or reliability. The decision becomes your choice whether you would like to have it performed. or not.

So here’s my caveat, most of the following information is currently being finalized before being distributed to our dealer network, not all dealers may have received bulletins yet so please don’t blind side them with pointed inquiries. We just wanted you to know some of what’s coming down the pipe.

recall-letter.jpgWe have only one factory recall for 07 Phazer / Venture models. We haven’t had any serious incidents and in all likelihood this would not happen to the majority but I am not down playing the seriousness of the potential. If you have one of the affected sleds contact a dealer asap to get the countermeasure.

Some 07 Phazer’s (and Ventures) had reports of not starting in certain extreme conditions.

We have a counter measure for the affected units which include an update to the decompression system and the ECU mapping. Note: it is normal for the P500 engine to crank-over a few times when cold starting and this will not change. This counter-measure is for sleds that flat out, won’t start in severe cold. If you aren’t sure, speak to your dealer.

07 Viking Professionals are known, in some conditions, to be difficult shifting to and from reverse, we are working on a countermeasure and should have some good news to our dealers around mid-November.

07 Phazer’s have a reputation for ice build up in the tunnel and running boards.

The new 08 machines have undergone changes including plastic panels which close the gap between the seat and tunnel to reduce the build up of ice and snow on the running boards. We know some riders were disappointed with this and we will be announcing an update kit for the 07’s mid-November.

Last year we had a an update modification for 06 Apex and RSNytro handle-bar warmers .Again, to ensure customer satisfaction we will continue to offer the kits this season for new owners and sleds which did not have the update done prior.

So far the FXNytro has a clean bill of health. We have completed training our dealership technicians on the proper PDI of the units and informed them of any technical updates required to deliver the sleds.

One other small item, the 40th Nytro models were pictured in the brochure with red rear wheels where the production models come with silver. Scott brought this to my attention on the blog and I did a little digging. It turns out the silver wheels are .23 grams lighter than the red wheels and it was decided to go with them to help keep the weight down 😉nytro.jpg

OK- I’m sorry but I had to say that… seriously we had a mix up with the brochures but at this point in time it is not feasible to try and swap out all the wheels, it certainly won’t effect performance and I hope everyone can understand our limitations. When it comes to important update modifications we always stand behind our snowmobiles, sometimes it just takes time.

Last but not least, our final round of unit shipments are commencing next week, including the 40th MTX models AND we have recently released several strong sales programs starting with ATV’s designed to ease the burden of the current economic situation, snowmobiles are next but its supposed to be a secret ssshhhhh.

So all we need now is some snow. Cheers cr

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54 Responses to “Yamaha Snowmobile Updates and Information”

  1. Jeff says:

    So when relief comes in snowmobiles, will owners like myself, who just took delivery of an 08 FX Nytro, at full price get the same break?

    Or will I be out of luck because I took delivery early to get it out of my dealers way despite the fact that I won’t get to use it till min-January in all likelyhood?

    If one thing will make me cry more then paying thousands more for a sled then US customers it will be paying thousands more for a sled only to have the price go down long before mine hits the snow.

    Hey Jeff, as I stated earlier we don’t play that game. Any relief coming will apply to everyone regardless of when they purchased… I’ll keep you updated on the blog. cheers cr

  2. Jeff says:

    That’s great to hear.

    As always, I’m tuned in and love the blog.

  3. BLUEBALLER says:

    Hey Chris,
    I picked up my new Nytro on Wed. because my dealer informed me of this rebate. Glad I didn’t go south of the border, and also glad Yamaha will take care of the early deposit program customers. Now, if you guys can just fix the a-arm protectors that don’t fit, I’ll be really happy.

    First I’ve heard of the A-arm protectors not fitting (mushroom me), I’ll shoot that one down the hall. Thanks for your support cr

    UPDATE: When the protectors were developed there was only an MTX pre-pro available to model after, the vendor was not aware there was such a big difference between the A-arms. They needed to drill a second hole for the RTX / GT arms. There will be a re-issue of the mounting instructions (hole template) and any future production runs will include the new hole. Hope this helps… I’ll post a picture over on the Totallyamaha thread. cheers cr

  4. BLUEBALLER says:

    Always kept in the dark eh? I can relate. I noticed they pulled the protectors off the Canadian website. Went to mount them up last night and they are a no go. Posted my findings on TY if you care to take a peek.

    Thanks … will do, btw sometimes is kinda comfy living with the lights out 😉 cr

  5. David says:

    Hey Chris !

    I must say I’m happy and surprised to hear about the topic of relief on snowmobile sales ! It’s the first I heard of it, purchased mine on the EDP program and picked it up 2 weeks ago, so I’ll have to follow up with my dealer and get the scoop. I actually discussed the matter with a friend the other day, basically said that IF one of the Big 4 snowmobile manufacturers were to offer a price reduction based on the way the exchange rate has been lately, the return in the end should outweigh the costs (meaning more sales for Yamaha). I wouldn’t be surprised to see Yamaha at the top spot in sales after this year if the relief is generous ! Good Job Yamaha !!!


  6. SNOBLOWR says:

    On the current economic situation on sleds,
    I’m from Missouri,Show me.
    I’ll reserve comment until then…..

    Our program went live today, please give your dealer a shout for details… I’ve been to Missouri or as the locals say Missery… nice place… cheers cr

  7. Shaun McFie says:

    Hi Chris,

    You mention that the owners of 06 Apex/Attaks are still able to get the handwarmer update done. What about the ones who have already had it done and are not satisfied with the outcome.

    Yamaha has always had the best hand warmers out there, until these came along. I wear the best gloves that Yamaha makes, have hand guards installed to block the wind, and still freeze my hands nearly every ride. I have resorted to gauntlets (muffs), which I hate, in an effort to keep my hands warm. There’s got to be something better.

    I have noticed on TY that alot of guys are going back to the 06 bars, and using the 07 wiring harness. I really don’t want to do this in case it frys something, however at this point it seems like the only option. I’m not even sure if the new sleds are any better. Can you shed some light on this?


    I hear you Shaun, gotta say this topic has been beaten to death over on TY. The grip warmer issue was a tough one for me personally. My hands freeze easily (4 seasons of surveying in the high Arctic will do that to a guy) I knew early on about the luke-warmer and pushed very hard for a countermeasure. I was very frustrated with the time we took to acknowledge the problem (notice I said acknowledge not issue of the countermeasure). The kits are definitely warmer but I would have liked more myself. The problem is partially with the ‘sporty’ design of the new sleds. Seems functional windshields are not as important as looking like a racer, but hey I’m old school– function over form. The planning guys laugh at me on this issue (right Jon?). I understand the 08’s have good output but I haven’t been on a production unit yet to judge for myself.

    Your hands are more exposed with the taller wider bars and little coverage. The 07 bar output on paper is very close to Vmax. I’ll keep pushing this issue but for now things are what they are. The warmer upgrade modification has been deemed acceptable and came at a fairly heavy cost to us. We do have taller windshields and hand deflectors. I can’t endorse some of the electrical mods I read on TY but it certainly appears there are ways to get more heat if you are careful. Note: our engineers have warned of potential damage to the black-box if you rewire and crank the output. Sorry Shaun but we’ll both have to tweak our set-ups a bit to keep toasty in various conditions. I keep some warmer mitts on board and run deflectors and mid-shield (couple of ‘hot shots’ in my pocket… ) cheers cr

  8. Jeff says:

    I was speaking with my dealer 30 minutes ago and they had not heard anything about this yet.

    I have to go back in tomorrow to pick up my 07 Grizzly (also bought this year)Hopefully the information will have trickled east by then.

    hot off the press, they have to check our YDS system for new program info

  9. Jeff says:

    Sorry about commenting so much on this and you can leave this comment off if you wish but i was wondering if you could update your origional post with some information about what the program is and the details in general. It would be nice to know what to expect when speaking with my dealer as they seem to not know anything about it.


    cash rebates for 08 model customers best to call your dealer for details… cheers cr

  10. parepadarappa says:

    Way to go!! Yamaha, as usual, the first to step up and do the right thing. After reading all the hassles that another (BuRP…excuse me) snowmobile company is putting it’s dealers though, this makes me proud to say I ride a Yamaha.

  11. Mike Mills says:

    Hey Chris – what do you know about the accessary wind deflector kit for the Nytro FX. When installed with the mid or tall windshield, the Dzus fastener is too short to
    reach. Should the kit have come with longer ones?

    Mike, to answer your question, I don’t have any info on this but I will forward it to the guys that should. We have had some good feedback from the blog on accessories fitment and our guys are addressing as quickly as they can. Keep in touch with your dealer and I’ll try to update these comments with what I hear back… cheers cr

    Was just informed that development is aware of this and is re-issuing instruction sheet, to add ‘squeeze the clip to shorten the gap to allow original Dzus to engage… don’t shoot the meesenger! cr

  12. Murray Donovan says:

    Well I’m glad to hear Yamaha has done something for the dealers and customers in Canada. My worry is it might be too little too late as I feel they sat on the problem for a month too long. Just like the hand warmer issue. They take for ever to acknowledge the problem then even longer to react. How fun is sledding if your hands are freezing or you catch a cold. My 06 Apex had low wind protection and I for one don’t appreciate having to purchase a new windshield for me new ride. The Nytro is hurting in this category. I’d like to stick the designer on one up north and let him freeze for 100 miles and see how he likes it. I bet he’d come up with something cool and warm. I like the looks of the Apex GT LTX windshield. The Nytro could have a design competition and the entries could be submitted to you guys. The winner could get a free 40’th jacket. That would be a good deal all around.
    I feel like 4 strokes are taking over. Yamaha has such a head start in this area that in the future say 2 to 4 years you’ll see the other sled makers hit a wall with their 2 strokes. When no one wants them any more!
    Light is always right so if Yamaha Engineers go weight reduction crazy. The sled makers in the other corners won’t have a fighting chance. Get on with it you guys. Skidoo gave us the Rev. Time for an even better Nytro type of sled. I hope to see one in two years for 2010.

    Thanks Murray, a lot of the design direction is led by target marketing sleds with a bullseye on the Midwest US. Showroom sizzle, and ‘first-touch’ impressions can overrule more sensible directions and its not just us, seems to me all the new sleds are trying to look like something other than a practical piece of equipment for going fast in sub zero temps… but then again maybe this is what the majority wants. I still don’t get the moto-cross lid with half a roll of duct tape on your face neither but many choose that route over a dedicated full face winter helmet with breath management etc… beats the heck out of me–I’ll still be the old guy at the table asking for more comfort and wind protection. To your point about ‘time taken to acknowledge market issues’, this is a very frustrating area for me and I am hoping we can change things up. This is one of my main reasons for this blog, direct communication and engagement but I am still limited by certain necessary policies and procedures. The internet is forcing companies to rethink many things. We have developed our methodology and systems around more analogue times when we had more time to move cautiously, things will change… they have to. cheers cr

  13. Murray Donovan says:

    I think I like to complain as much as give credit. I get P.O.’ed a bit when I read guy’s getting too kissy without hearing how good the deal is for us. One think I love about Yamahas performance engines is the fuel economy.

  14. al says:

    hmmm..so a new nytro costs 25% more in canada,and out of the goodness of there heart,yamaha is giving a rebate of 5%?

    all in all though,while there is still a long ways to go,kudos to yami for being the first to step up on this issue.

  15. Larry D Lagergren says:

    Well it’s that time of year again as I received a call from my dealership informing me that my 08 Apex LTX GT Annv issue has arrived. I never even knew that there was something being offered as to a Rebate till I read this,NICE to see something is being done. I’m Really Looking Forward to picking up my new sled, as I think Yamaha has really got this one nailed down. As a matter of fact I believe the entire 08 line up is Yamaha’s best ever and they should be very proud of what they have to offer riders this season. Looking back to my 1969 SL351 it makes me laugh as to what we used to ride and how we rode those sleds back then. My 06 Attak was by far my best all around riding sled, I can only imagine my new 08 is going to be ABSOLUTELY AWESOME to ride this season. I love the Retro look and the way the sled is set up, Yamaha continues to push ahead in the 4 Stroke World and has the competition srcatching their heads. Great Job Yamaha, can’t wait to see what follows in the next few years.

  16. Scott says:

    One of the things I’ve learned from your blog is how isolated most of us are with our perceptions of what works and what doesn’t. My riding conditions in Alaska are far different than what I’ve seen on You Tube of the Midwest. The lack of wind protection for me is not a huge problem. I’m fortunate enough to live on the coast where we generally have mild temperatures and rarely dip below 0 F. We also recieve huge amounts of snow. Going back to the 1980’s, one of the first things I’d do to a sled is either remove or cut down the stock tall windshield. My reasoning is that when riding in deep powder it directs snow into your line of vision. The tall windshield also tends to get in the way when riding in trees and when riding very agressively. The taller windshields also don’t hold up as well to rollovers or when you go over the bars. Now if I lived in Interior AK, I would have a different perception. Same thing with using MX helmets and goggles that I’ve worn since the 80’s. I’ve never found a shield type of helmet that would not fog up when riding hard in wet winter conditions with high humidity. Goggles are the only way to go. Interestly, the Iron Dog racers prefer open face helmets because they don’t inhibit recieving food and drink at gas stops as much as a closed face helmet.

    It is facinating read how different people in different parts of North America experience significant issues with their sleds that don’t come to light in other locations.

    Thanks Scott, kinda makes it easier to understand how the stock settings don’t always nail it for everyone. I’ll post some details on this for you. cheers cr

  17. Stephen Burdick says:


    Do you know if the Phazer update for ice build up will be a free update or offered at a lower discounted price? Do you know if it will also be offered in the states?


    Steve Burdick

    Hi Steve, we are still dotting a couple of I’s and crossing the T’s with YMC. Our intentions are very good but I don’t want to say too much until we hear everyones concerns (including YMUS). I’ll update as soon as I hear. cheers cr

  18. Darrin says:

    Will the rebates apply to new ’07’s as well? I was considering buying a new ’07 sled but once the rebate factors in, the price differance on a new ’08 is about on par.

    According to our program guru, There are dealer ‘incentives’ available, you should ask your dealer for an out the door price on an in stock model, you might be surprised what they come up with … 😉

  19. Cyril andrews says:

    How about the undercarriage and suspension,cracks on the 2007 profesionals.we need to add Gussets to strenghten the above.why did you use the same suspensions on the 4 Stroke as on the old VK.why are the RELAY RODS so slight??,can i get a better Bushing to go in the RELAY Rods?? thank you.Cyril Andrews

    Cyril, couple of things. We have been requesting a torsion skid for the VK since the Professional was first designed. We actually made a compromise decision to prevent delaying the release of the new sled, we accepted the ProAction skid which was working pretty good in the 2-smoke version, for one season to allow time for the torsion skid to be developed.
    Problem is we needed to design a complete system as we couldn’t adapt one from a 15 inch model. Then came some changes in our internal structure and plan. Since then we have not had the manpower available to achieve this.
    To your second question; the main reason for ProAction breakage is due largely to suspension settings. It is digressive in the final bit of stroke which can cause severe or constant bottoming based on conditions and load. The 08 models have been re calibrated with significantly stiffer suspension (which does compromise comfort) to reduce the chance of breakage. Not sure on upgrade bushings for the relay rods, seems to me in the early days of the PA skids in the Vmax, we had needle bearings in the relay rods, that would be the way to go if they can be retrofit. You might consider a stiffer spring combo. I also suggest you keep in touch with your dealer regarding any updates or recommendations, there is a constant flow of information trickling out of our service department. Meanwhile we’ll keep pushing for a new skid… cheers cr

  20. jeff carmount says:

    It is the end of October and I am in the market for a new sled . I currently own a 02 700 Polaris and know the sled that I want to buy 08 APEX RTX .I see that there is a Yamaha rebate of 729.00 for a 08 apex but that isn’t good enough. the mrsp for a 08 apex rtx in the us is 10899.00 and in Canada it is 14399.00 . That is a difference of 3500.00 . It costs $7 for every $1000 in exchange rate . So at $10,000 it cost $70. With a rebate of $729.00 there is a difference of $2771.00.
    It is way cheaper for me to drive 4 hours and buy one in the states. This is going to kill the Yamaha businesses in Canada. Do you know what Yamaha or the government is doing about this. It is highway robbery.The prices should be about equal.

    Actually Jeff I heard on the news this morning our governments latest reaction, is hiring more people to work at passport processing as they have issued 50% more than this time last year. Seriously, I do hope you end up on board a new Yamaha one way or the other… cheers

  21. Bob Parsons says:

    Went down to my Yamaha dealer and first thing I get is news of a rebate!! Great news and I am grateful for it. Good job! I’m picking up a 08 Phazer RTX and I am curious about the kit for the tunnel covers. If Yamaha didn’t do it right the first time then they should offer it as a free fix.

    Thanks Bob and I agree with you… stay in touch with your dealer as we’re working on it… cheers cr

  22. Björn Forslund says:

    Hi Chris

    What about Sweden/Scandinavia ?

    We pay around 21000$ for a new Nytro MTX (without the smartcheck though). That’s with a 25% VAT and a rather high customs fee, 10% if i’m not mistaken. But still, i’ve done the maths and i afaik, 10 500$ * 1.1 * 1.25 = 14400$, not 21000$.

    To add something on the other side if things, i really like this blog and what you’re doing with it. I hope to see more information about prototype sleds.

    Regards, Björn

    Thanks Björn for your kind words, I must admit that I am struggling to understand the economics we are dealing with here in Canada, let alone what is happening with the Euro and your Kronor SEK. Having said that, I have a good friend at Yamaha NV, perhaps he may add a comment, stay tuned… ‘sheers’ 😛

    I spoke to my buddy in Europe for whom I have a ton of respect, he’s a very smart guy. Following is his comments which I might add seem to echo much of what I am hearing here in Canada. Keep the faith, things will sort themselves out eventually… cr

    “To compare prices between different areas in the world is not so easy. The price of a certain
    product does not only depend purely on the production cost of the product. There are many additional
    costs that have to be included in the final price as well. Just to mention a few, transportation cost (just
    image that the price for a Yamaha sled in Kiruna is just as expensive as in Mora), specification (European
    Yamaha sleds in general have a different spec than US as we ride harder over rougher terrain!), warranty,
    service network, spare parts availability etcetera. An additional reason for the price difference is exchange
    rate fluctuations. As everybody knows the European currencies have become stronger against the USD.
    Or we might even say that the USD has become (too) weak?! As a result it appears that products in US are
    much cheaper than in Europe (and today for Europeans they actually are). However a snowmobile for a US
    citizen is just as expensive today as it was one year ago. Same in Europe, if you compare 2008 pricing with
    2007 it is basically the same. Only when we Europeans look at the pricing of ANY product in US today we
    feel it is much cheaper.
    If a manufacturer should base its prices on the day to day exchange rate fluctuations you would find that we
    as customers will be faced with a different price every day. Obviously that is not in the customers interest,
    nor dealer, nor manufacturer. Just image the SEK will become weaker against the major global currencies.
    Would Swedish customers understand it if prices for imported product would suddenly become more
    expensive…..? Therefore manufacturers do their utmost to keep prices as stable as possible.”

  23. Trevor Busch says:

    Is there a fix for my Phazer not starting below -25c? How about the extreme icing inside the tunnel?

    Yes there is a warranty bulletin out re: cold starting and another on tunnel icing, the latter won’t eliminate icing but will help reduce buildup on the running boards and exterior tunnel, please contact your dealer for the 411… cheers cr

  24. terry lay says:

    Is it only the 4cylinders getting the bigger rebate??? What about those who spring ord. the 40th nytro mtx

    simply put, anyone who had a spring deposit will receive the difference between the initial rebate and the current one. A second check will be issued direct to you from Yamaha Canada… Merry Christmas cr

  25. brian w says:

    I have a 06 apex gt with the updated bars, they are slightly better than the stock ones but still extremely UNEXCEPTABLE!! the only fix is a set of GUANTLETS..

    Ive tried the taller windshields, they help but again, not that much..

    Ive road alot of other sleds with handle bars exposed to the wind and the bars still get hot on those sleds even if the tops of your hands get cold,, the yamaha bars never get hot, as they voltage drops when your ride slow and or stop and allows them to cool..


    O.K. enough ranting..

    My hands freeze very easily (several seasons working in the high-Arctic have something to do with it), I don’t disagree with you. This subject has been beaten to death Some riders are OK with the current level some not, some have rewired successfully (not recommended by factory), some using gauntlets. .. I haven’t heard a good explanation of why the chosen temperature. We went through this with Vmax and established a good benchmark. We will keep asking for more heat and electrical output in general for future models …cheers cr

  26. Hal Turner says:

    I was at TY 4 stroke forum reading about closing off the tunnel. I know that Yamaha is offering an update to provide side pannels. I think the sled looks better without the panels and would prefer to not have them. Does Yamaha have an official opinion on closing off the tunnel?


    Hello Hal, Yes Yamaha has an official opinion, we do not recommend anyone to close off the tunnel. Under certain conditions its is possible the muffler could build enough heat to cause damage to the seat. In reality many have blocked the hole with no problem, they probably don’t leave the sled sit and idle for great lengths of time and they probably don’t putt along on hard pack trails in warm temperatures but that said we always err on the side of caution. I could not tell you ‘officially’ to block off the tunnel even if I thought it was OK to do so, provided the operator was aware that the muffler needs a little air flow… 😉 cheers cr

  27. ultimatewarrior says:

    I bought an 07 Phazer FX (6th new Yamaha sled in 7 years – great products). I absolutely love this sled now that I have had all the updates done, including the new rear link and tunnel panels. I do, however, have one lingering issue – despite the blue tunnel panels, the running boards still ice up excessively (I actually have to carry a rubber mallot in my backpack to break off the ice). My question is this – will it impact reliability or performance if I simply close off the tunnel hole with aluminium or something else?

    Hey UW… I can’t recommend that you close off the tunnel officially. I can tell you from what I have been informed, many people have closed the tunnel and experienced great results with no negative problems, the reason the hole is there is simply to cool the muffler, nothing else. Consider this when and if you choose to make any mods. It would be easy enough to make a temporary closure and test the results. cheers cr

  28. Billb603 says:

    Not sure if this is the right forum but….I just bought a 2008 Venture Lite and told the wife I did it for her to get away from the 2 stroke smell and to get her rear hand warmers that the old two up didnt have. The lack of smell is true but she tells me the rear hand warmers only come on long enough to feel warm and then shut off. They seem to do this off and on on a 2-3 hour ride like they are cycling. And again the issue isn’t the amount of heat not being enough when they work but that they just seem to come on briefly and then shut off. thanks for any feedback you can give.

    Hey Bill, assuming that your electrical system hasn’t been modified with any power robbing accessories (heated visors, 100 watt headlights etc., I would have to say there is a problem and you will need to have your dealer check out the system. Our service department is here to support them if required. Hopefully its just a loose connection, bad switch or something simple. Best I can suggest at this point… cheers cr

  29. Ed Howell says:

    I was wondering if you have to take off the suspension to change the slides on a 05 yamaha vector. And if not how do you do it

    You don’t have to remove the skid but you will have to enlarge the window (carefully) to get the req’d clearance to pull the hyfax through. cr

  30. Ray Serna says:

    I just got a new tunnel shield for my 07 Phazer Fx. I don’t know if it will fit other models other than the Phazer but if your have the some cutout as the Phazer I’m sure it will fit. This shield slides right in and requires no drilling or other modifications to install and the price is right. No more ice build up in the tunnel or foot rests like before or having to remove ice chunks that might get stuck in the tunnel and break something. Works great and like I said before the price is right.

    Thanks Ray, the tunnel close-off mod is a good one, it does fix a lot of ice build-up issues, A little heat tape on top of the muffler to insulate the seat from the heat is a good idea… cheers cr

  31. Ray Serna says:

    A lot of Phazer Fx riders have inquired about this tunnel cover and where they can get one, how much it costs and does it keep the heat from becoming a problem. All I can say is I have a hand held heat sensing gun and the temp in my tunnel is about 12 deg. warmer after idling the sled for about 1/4 hour. The unique method of the design is what make it work so good and like I said before the price is right.

  32. Ray Serna says:

    I don’t know if I explained myself when I wrote about the tunnel cover On my 07 Phazer Fx. This cover in for the 24X11″ (about the size) cutout in the tunnel not the side panels. I had purchased the side panels and they did some good but didn’t stop the ice build up in the tunnel which this new cover does. I didn’t want to mislead anyone to think the the side panel would stop ice buildup which they don’t, all they do is to stop some on the ice buildup on the foot rests and those in my opinion are not worth the money or the time to put them on. Now this cover does not seal the front cutout where the two pipes going to the muffler can be seen, that cutout must be left opened, the large cutout is covered with this panel which is right behind that small cutout. ultimatewarrior wrote about the problem that he has and this cover will address that. I hope this clarifies my post. Thanks

    No worries Ray, I think we are all on the same page… you recommend covering the large hole in the rear area of the tunnel and leaving the center hole open to expose the the pipes in the mid-section. If you do this, I suggest adding a little heat tape (insulation) to the muffler to protect the seat (if you elect to cover the hole). Thanks for your input, enjoy your dry ride without the ice-cubes 😉 . cr

  33. yves says:

    Has you said,the hand warmer subject has been beaten to death,but…after paying
    15 000$ for a snowmobile you expect more,i have had a snowmobile in all of the other company’s and my hand warmers are the worst of them all (i have a 2007 apex gt)and i don’t believe that it’s the small windshield that is the cause because i have tried a nytro that has no windshield and my hands were burning on them,you also say that some say they are fine and some say they are not,i am a member of the yammis web site,and let me tell you that i don’t know any one that are satisfied whit their hand warmers.
    To finish,let me tell you that i love my sled but after paying 16 800$ for a sled whit a cover hand guards whit mirrors whit tax,you want warm hands,excuse my english,my first language is french.

    Hey Yves, I ride an 08 Apex GT and I also am not satisfied with the temperature of the grip warmers. That said we have research that indicates a significant number of riders are. I would prefer we make them too hot for anyone without asbestos gloves and let the customer turn them down to suit. Note: we have also seen inconsistencies with some sleds especially when accessories are added like electric visors, brighter headlight bulbs etc. If you haven’t had the voltage output and resistance checked you should consider letting your dealer inspect. We’ll keep asking factory for more heat in the meantime, there is also an extensive thread on Totallyamaha where some customers have made certain modifications to the grip warmer wiring with what appears to be excellent results, however I can’t endorse that anymore than I can endorse closing off the hole in the Phazer tunnels. 😉 thanks cr

  34. Dustin Rhoades says:

    Hey i do not know if you guys know how but i was wondering how you remove the windshield on a 2005 vector. if you do please either email me or let me know thanks

    The simple answer is no, I can’t remember but its not that difficult. The service manual (at your dealership) gives the step by step details.

  35. Victor A Briggs says:

    I bought a new VK professional work sled in December 2007 and within 2500 Klms or 1500 miles I’ve replaced 2 drive belts.The dealer claims the clutches are aligned properly and it has to be conditions,maybe the tract frozen when I first start to move. Just curious as to whether anyone else is experiencing similar problems with drive belts.A bit frustrating when some people claim they haven’t replaced a drive belt in 5000 miles.

    I agree Victor, that is not very good belt durability especially if you are using genuine Yamaha belts. Try to keep an eye on your rear skid frame and clean out the ice as best you can at the end of each ride. You may very well be dealing with a frozen track causing belt slip. cheers cr

  36. peter says:

    where can i buy tunnel shield for 2008 phazer gt?

    Peter, assume you mean a block-off plate for the hole… I have heard of some dealerships fabricating and selling, suggest you check the Phazer forums over on Totallyamaha, I recall seeing some discussion threads on this topic. Also keep in touch with your dealership they may have some info.

  37. Clar Sweetapple says:

    Have a 08 Venture Lite. First Yamaha, thought this was the one perfect machine for me. Thing has Ice Buildup Everywhere and is not really that easy to remove. Cheaper to get rid of it than build a heated building to melt it in. Thing starts above -10, below count on cranking over for 60 seconds followed by a BACKFIRE and eventually starting. Noticed yesterday tie rod ends have excessive play and oh yes a soft spot on the vinyl of the passenger seat. Not bad for 2000km. Good thing it has another year warranty, . Other than that nice machine.

  38. KEITH says:


    Keith, please make sure your dealer contacts our service department for the latest updates and information. There are several things which can effect the shifting and our TSM’s are the front line for the information. I can’t address the service stuff here effectively. Hope they get you smiling in short order.
    cheers cr

  39. KEITH says:

    Thank you,I brought it into dealer today and they had a “fix” for it, new belt and shims for clutch.
    hope that does the trick

  40. Dave says:

    Have 2002 sx viper. Been over heating for last two years. Bled cooling system several times to no avail. Starting to think yamaha sucks. Anybody heard of an update heat exchanger that mounts at rear of tunnel?Seems this might solve the over heat prioblem. Why Didn’t YAMAHA include this in original sled design.
    Yes there is a rear heat exchanger kit for the Viper and there was a support program for them when they were current, not all had the problem the ones that did were eligible. Apparently whoever owned your sled originally did not pursue when it was current. You should check with your dealer re cost and availability, you might also find one at a sled wrecker.. cr

  41. brad says:

    i’ve heard about a recall for the 05 vector cdi box due to a code 84 problem that doesn’t go away. I have an 06 Vector gt with the same recurring code 84 causing the sled to drop to idle. It then clears itself of the code & is okay until the next time code reappears. Dealer says he doesn’t show any such recalls for the 06? Any help here? Thanks Brad

  42. The Rainman says:

    Hey guys on the blog complaining about the hand warmers. Simple fix. Buy a can of expanding foam sealent for window/doors. Insert the tube inside the little hole on the end of your grips. Push it in as far as it will go, squeeze the trigger while pulling it back out. Problem in solved or at least greatly improved. Try it. It has worked well in all sleds with weaker elements that we have tried it on. CAUTION, BE SMART. It will be messy if you dont cover anywhere this stuff can drip on. Once it has set and is no longer expanding. Cut off the little bit pushing out of the little hole in the grips. then take a little Isypropal*(ISO) and wipe of any little bits on the end of the grip. If you do make a mess, get on it fast. The longer you wait the harder it is to get off.

  43. Mike says:

    I was wondering if the rear link is an update that is paid for by Yamaha?

    Hey Mike, you’ll have to be a bit more specific, what link are you referring to, model, year etc… your comment has come to me attached to a four year old post with no reference to ‘links’ cheers cr

  44. Mike says:

    I was wondering if the rear link on the 2007 Phazer FX would be updated free of charge by Yamaha? I found mine just broke 1200 miles on it and no warranty any more. Its obviously an issue many of the 07’s have had. That’s why the 08s on up have stronger billet link, and stronger front and rear pivot arms. I hope Yamaha will take of this issue for me.

    Thanks and sorry for not enough info the first time.

    Hey Mike, when a sled is out of warranty any consideration for good-will repair has to be communicated to our service department through a dealer. My advice is to speak with your dealer and have them contact our DSSG department with your serial number and mileage to see if your sled qualifies. It may be we can offer full repair or more likely parts only or then again maybe nothing at all, it’s not my call but I think it’s definitely worth a try. We are normally pretty lenient with known failures especially if a counter measure has been issued, good luck… cheers cr

  45. Duane says:

    I live in Canada and bought a 2007 yamaha rage in the USA.The cam chain tensioner is a recall in canada but only a service bulliton in the the USA.the sled has 8000 kilometers on it and runs fine.Should I change it or save the $600. for something else.Thanks

    don’t know what the service bulletin out of Ymus says, your call, I wouldn’t want to say leave it alone and the engine fails, maybe see what the mods over on TY have to say cr

  46. Carl Ashburner says:

    I just bought my wife a 2011 phazer rtx. I was wondering how this sled is for her and if there are anything that has come up that might need to be addressed. Thank you for any help on this, Carl

    Hey Carl, The 2011’s have the bugs worked out. You might want to consider the optional tall windshield for her as the RTX can be cold. A few studs and the new Tuner dual keel skis are a worthy consideration to help add stability and confidence over a wider range of conditions. Hope she likes it. Cheers cr

  47. Dan says:

    I just purchased a 2010 Phazer GT. Concerning the rear suspension, I founds all the grease fitting out back except the one for the upper forward linkage. It shows in the manual that it’s a lubrication point. I can’t seem to find or feel the Zerk. Is it sealed? Typo in the manual???

  48. Dave says:

    I purchased ’07 Phazer fx with 1100kms. I checked with the dealer and the cold start update was never performed. I understand that the updates were in place a number of years ago, but this sled was in storage for the last 4 years. Anyway to get this done now?

    I don’t know if your dealer has contacted our service dept to get an authorization to proceed. That is the protocol.

  49. JO W. says:

    Hi, we purchased a 2009 Viking Professional (brand new!) that has very little use as it won’t start in the cold. After three winters of struggles, the dealer (in Ontario, Canada) is willing to give us half our money back…. we’ve been into the dealership for weeks at a time, “fixing” it. Any news of help here? Is there something they aren’t doing, seeing? They are good people, but not snowmachine mechanics… small motors. Thanks!!!!

    This strikes me as odd. We don’t have any major cold start issues with the VK pro. This being a carbureted sled, the electronics are not complex like an FI system. Our dealer (DSSG) department is here to support our dealers deal with gremlins… I hope they have been contacted. I can’t offer any further thoughts without knowing all the details and conditions but it should be able to be resolved with a proper diagnosis. good luck! cheers cr

  50. Wayne Tucker says:

    I have noticed a little comment about the chain tensioner braking on the 07 phazer. Mine has broken and I am wondering how to set the chain to the right marks again. Is there any info you can send me on this please? thank you.

  51. EProulx says:

    I just bought a 2007 venture 500 off my good buddy, the machine is in good condition, the problem I am having is that it doesn’t want to go into reverse. My buddy says just shut it off, restart it then press it and it goes into reverse and never had an issue to disengage it! One touch of the button out of reverse and into forward she would go. The button obviously is working This worked for a bit but the whole time I was wondering what could be causing this jackpot? Sure enough the reverse is no longer engaging and I’m wondering if there has been any simple fixes for this such as a relay, sensor or fuses!???

    There were bulletins issued to dealers on the subject, that is where I would start. Make sure it has any appropriate updates and is set-up to spec. cheers cr

  52. Dave says:

    I have a somewhat the same problem as EProlx.
    My 2007 Yamaha Phazer FX when put in reverse will stay in forward or when it goes in reverse it will not switch to forward as requested. The offending light will blink. In the forums they suggest rocking it to engage the actuator. Sometimes that works but some times not.On march 11th it’s going into the shop. ( A Yamaha authorized repair shop) Any updates or suggestions I can tell them about? Thanks

    Yep, your dealer should have the updates on file, if not they will need to contact our service support group. cheers cr

  53. jmweir says:

    more like a question vs a comment. I own a 2011 yamaha venture gt 2up snowmobile and it came with an aftermarket heated seat. Does anyone know or had experience with them burning a hole in the seat? had someone who had their ski bibs melted due to this and just looking for some insight. Otherwise this sled is super fun,fast and great for riding! Thank you

  54. vicky porath says:

    have a 2007 venture lite yamaha and has new battery but to start it all it does is click click click what could be the problems? battery cables are tight. had very cold weather last 2 weeks could that be it?

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