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October 9, 2007

Yamaha Prototypes in Show

We Canadians just celebrated our Thanksgiving weekend. I spent mine with my family at the cottage, boating and ATV’ing during breaks from the turkey table. All my cottage pals have the same top of mind awareness this time of year… you guessed it… snowmobiling.

We just completed the first of a trilogy of new video ads which focus on Yamaha products within the current season. This first one covers some wheels and props (but no tracks). I posted it on YouTube to share on SledTalk. An interesting suggestion arose from same. ‘Huggy B’ is thinking we should select some customers for our next shoot and show them with their own sled, bike etc. What do you think? We would probably have to limit candidates to those within a reasonable distance from our office in Toronto but then again we could consider a ‘contest’ and cover the travel expenses in for the shoot. Here’s a look at the first clip:

Anybody want to be in a Yamaha commercial? For the record, it pays in Tim-Bits and swag only! An interesting Yamaha concept vehicle has hit the net with a press release regarding the upcoming Tokyo auto show.Yamaha is well known for some exotic, tip of the ‘berg technological entries, check this out..49267_j83vjdkc2e_l.jpgThe Tesseract makes the Phazer look old school. Here is the official Yamaha media release So much for the ‘hot off the press’ subjects today. I’m off to uncover some snowmobile scuttle-butt and will update you later this week.BTW, the ad clip features family and friends (employees and close partners) and was shot just outside of Huntsville ON last month.

Cheers cr

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13 Responses to “Yamaha Prototypes in Show”

  1. Dustin says:

    I’d totally be up for being in a Yamaha commercial with my sled. But I’d vote for the Contest as I’m down in the States, but in Montana, so I’m near the border, just wrong area, too far west.

    The Tesseract looks interesting, would love to see how the “leaning” works like a two wheeled bike does.

  2. DoktorC says:

    Hmmm….YES PLEASE!! There’s six diehard, blue-bleeding sledheads in our group that would LOVE to do this….and we’re close lol.

  3. FastJoyRide says:

    That Tesseract looks really interesting. My wife and I tour on an FJR1300 in the Summer and I’ve been looking for a trike for her to ride. While the Spyder is an interesting concept, the upper body strength required to steer it pretty much rules it out for a small, “mature”, woman.

    Hard to tell what demographic the Tesseract will be aimed at, but in one of its versions I’m sure it could be a very cool sport tourer for the balance-challenged!

  4. Dave T says:

    How about including a clip of some “Mint” retro Yamaha’s in there too. there are a few of us at the Antique and Classic Snowmobile Club of Canada with some very nice vintage Yamaha’s, were all very close by and would love to help out…

    Hey Dave, I also love the old stuff. I have some clips of early Yamaha ads and some testing, I’ll try to get some posted for you. I also have a vintage GP 433 (I need to confirm the exact model) sled sitting in our storage warehouse that needs a home, it’s in pretty good shape, I don’t have the time and we are running out of room. Do you have any members looking for a small project sled? I’ll give it to any member of the ACSCC for free, they would simply have to drop by here and pick it up… please kick it around and let me know… cheers cr

  5. Dave T says:

    Thank You! Ill Post on the ACSCC site,

    Can you Email me with your contact information ?(i will only pass along to seriously interested parties). thanks alot. (my email is supplied with the Blog response, i assume you have access to that)

    Let us know if bringing any of our Vintage stuff would help…we have some Rabid Yamaha enthusiasts who’d love to be a part of a Commercial and/or who’d love to participate in any 40th Anniversary events for Yamaha…everything form Hydraulic Drive Yam’s to Mod SRX/GPX’s, SS440’s, VMAX800’s you name it we can bring it.

    Thanks Dave … will do cr

  6. Yellowknife says:

    I’ll do the commercial. Contest sounds cool, but hey, if I can’t be in it due to my location, I’ll make you a commercial with my Phazer Mountain Lite and MTX in it. I plan on doing a full video review of the Nytro MTX this winter, and after February I will have a comparison review between the MTX and the Summit 800R.

  7. Dave T says:

    Hi, can you email me your contact information, ive posted the Ad for the GP 433.

    Thanks from the ACSCC

    Done! and to reconfirm… it is an SL433, lonely and in need of a good home. cheers

  8. SNOGUZZLER says:

    I ride an atak, my wife a vector and my two best friends each have vipers. we’d love the oppertunity to be in an add!!!!
    If you have any trouble unloading that sled i’ll be there to pick it up tomorrow!
    thanks. We’re from the Trenton Ontario area.

  9. Mike Gatherall says:

    Sure – would like to.
    Lets see …
    26 Glacier Bay with pair of Yam 150 salt water series
    220 exciter jet boat
    270 exciter jet boat
    2 phazer mountain lites
    ET II
    even the home theatre is yam

    nice collection Mike… you have some serious toys!! 😛 cr

  10. rob says:

    i would like to know what the value of a gpx in showroom condition is worth.

    That’s a tough one to answer. Maybe give Steve Burdick a shout, he has a good selection of vintage Yamaha and will have some idea of values…. cr

  11. jerry says:

    Hi do you still have your mint gpx? if so how much do you want for it?

    sorry Jerry, we found her a good home… cr

  12. rob says:

    yes, we still have the gpx. not realy sure on the value.

  13. rob says:

    the gpx is in mint cond. all origonal parts no restoration or replacments. less than 500 miles.

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