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March 31, 2007

Revelstoke Report

Well I had a great time on Boulder Mtn. today. I met our Yamaha Canada president, Tom Osugi along with the president of the entire Motorsports division from Japan Nobi Shiriashi, at the Kelowna airport. We headed for the Hillcrest Hotel in Revelstoke to hook up with all our dealers from western Canada.Randy and the RTX

This morning we all scratched up the mountain for a day of demo riding the new sleds and a few extra ‘treats’. It was so cool to see the chalet surrounded by close to a hundred sleds with practically all of them Yamaha and 80% turbo-charged. The smell of race gas and Herbs famous Boulder Burgers permeating the air.

Our presidents arrived mid morning in a Jet Ranger helicopter supplied by Selkirk. 7.jpg They hopped out of the chopper and onto a couple of Apex Mountains… nice! I had breakfast with an old friend, Gordy from GA Checkpoint in Vancouver. He basically told me the big turbo Apex sleds were just too much machine for many of his customers and he had really hoped we would have powered up the Phazer instead of working with the 3 cylinder. He felt the ease of handling and confidence inspired by the PZ ride with more power would be the ticket. 2.jpg

I ran into him on the mountain later in the day after he rode the Nytro. He didn’t have to say a thing, the grin on his face said it all. His only comment was “I can work with this for sure”.

I was really impressed with Mike Irmen’s Sled running out of Alpine Motorsports. 6.jpg He’s pushing well over three hundred horse-power before they squirt methanol into the system to cool the charge (good for another 60 or so ponies plus he has an ingenious nitrous injection system that opens based on throttle position and shuts off at a predetermined boost pressure helping the turbo to spool up and adding another 60 horse. Mike and a few of the local boys put on a show for us climbing some huge narrow, near-vertical chutes. The extreme ride DVD’s capture the essence but theres nothing like watching them in person. I can only say I am glad I am old and mortal. I saw at least four sleds almost make the crest only to loop out and roll several thousand feet back down. Evidently the snow conditions were very loose and unpredictable.

Randy tells me where they were playing the only machines to ever make the accent are 4-stroke Yamaha turbos, now having seen the iron and the engineering guys like Alpine and Chad Rebec (CR Racing) CR are bringing to the table I know why…

revy-hi.jpgI’m off to Hokaido Japan in the morning where we are going to review our market information then discuss and test ride some future models for 09 and onwards. I will try to keep on top of the blog while I’m there and will post some pics when we’re done.

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2 Responses to “Revelstoke Report”

  1. Stephen Burdick says:

    Well, my wife and I made the trek to Revelstoke for the Western Canada Dealer Meeting and Customer Apprectiation Yamaha-Fest this weekend. ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW, WHAT A WEEKEND!!! If you have not been to Revelstoke, you need to get there. 18 Feet of snow, amazing views, great boondocking and hills that you have to be nuts to go up!!!! The Chutes Chris was talking about above are just crazy. I agree, I am 30 and way to scared to be one of those guys, but it was a blast to watch them make it, and also interesting to watch those crashes as they roll thousands of feet down.

    We also got to watch Jimmy Blaze do back flips with the Canadian Rockies as a backdrop. That in itself was just cool.

    I had the chance to demo all the yamaha mtn sleds, and let me tell you, I am gonna own a 2008 Nytro MTX. That is one nice sled, very impressive, the engine is amazing!!!! Best seat yamaha has ever put on a sled, comfortable, predictable handling. It is the one for me!!! Also was able to get a ride on a Phazer Mtn with the MC Express Turbo. WOW!!!! Thanks to John Piccolo (A Totally Yamaha Member) for this opportunity. And also a big thanks for his help in getting my wife into the bowl for the day of fun. Thatnks John!!!

    Now for the details. I have been around a lot of snowmobile events in the past 20+ years and let me tell you this trip to Revelstoke has been the most enjoyable. The fellas on the Yamaha Canada Team go the extra mile to make everyone feel like a VIP. I am very impressed with the entire event, from the moment we entered the parking lot, til the time I am typing this blog, we have not stopped smiling!!!

    Brandon Keys is an outstanding fellow, and the entire team rocks. From great demo rides, food, gifts, knowledge, customer service/relations, and so on and so forth they are just top notch. I have never been treated with this level of appreciation from a company before. I truely feel Yamaha is the company with family. We felt like famil this entire weekend!!!!

    We were given a trail pass by one of the Yamaha guys at the parking lot gate, guided to the top by the demo fleet, looked after at the demo rides, fed hamburgers at the chalet. One of the parts and accessory reps even chased us down a trail just to stop us and remind us we were invited to dinner at the Hill Crest Resort.

    What a day, and we are staying for a few more days!!!!

    I will be snow checking my 2008 FX Nytro MTX in 40th Ann. Colors!!!!!!

    Thanks Chris and the entire Yamaha Canada Team,

    Steve Burdick

    Thanks for your update Steve and I am sincerely glad it all worked out for you both after traveling all that distance, Brendan, Randy Jeff and the rest of our western team are as good as it gets… and watch out for my old friend ‘Waldy P’ up there!! Jon and I are now in Japan, still making our way to Shibetsu and our testing facility, update to follow…

  2. Larry D Lagergren says:

    Sweet sounds like quite the weekend you guys had. Mr. Irman’s custom 400hp plus ride sounds like something I would love to see, as I always enjoy seeing what other gentlemen have done to their rides…..Especially the little trick things.

    Hey Chris;Maybe you can give us just a tad bit of info on what surprises Yamaha has for us in 09.

    Have a good trip!

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