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March 26, 2007

Nytro Video from Snow Shoot

The annual ‘Snow Shoot‘ was held in Grand Lake Colorado this year. The spirit of the event is to give the main stream, sled media a chance to get together with all the manufacturer’s in one location. They are given the opportunity to ride and photograph the new sleds and gather their thoughts for their next issues. We all take turns ‘wining and dinning’ the attendants and there are always opportunities made for the engineers and staff to try the ‘other guys‘ sleds. All in all a good exchange of information mixed with a lot of fun.

I have to apologize for the audio on this clip, Jon shot it with his pocket ‘point and shoot’ and the wind got the better of the mic.
AJ Lester from Supertrax Intl is Marks son and a pro-level snowcross racer here in Canada… If you are having a hard time hearing him, he really liked the Nytro 🙂 cr

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4 Responses to “Nytro Video from Snow Shoot”

  1. jmp2204 totallyamaha/hcs says:

    It will be interesting to see the reviews in Supertrax…imo supertrax(Lester brothers) has always focused on the neg. with Yammies and the pros of the Doo’s although I have read some decent things from them about Yamaha’s, they bleed yellow imho

    I have a long and interesting relationship with the Supertrax team going back almost twenty years now. I took Mark for his first real ride in the mountains (1990) where we ‘bonded’ over stale ‘Hoagies’ at 7,000 feet. Over the years, we have had some serious disagreements professionally which have been reflected in their magazine but we have always maintained our friendship throughout.
    It is hard not to form some level of brand bias especially when you’re as active in competition as the Lester brothers have been. That said I remember telling Mark years ago that as a manufacturer’s rep I expected them to ‘call things as they see them’. Trust me there have been times when I questioned that advice!
    At the end of the day I have to commend both Mark and Kent for their complete about face with regards to Yamaha 4-stroke snowmobiles. It wasn’t five years ago when they put into print; a 4-stroke sled would never be a viable alternative to a 2-smoke.
    The best proof to me opposing any editorial diatribe, is the mileage on the loaner sleds we give them to use. Back in the Vmax days they returned nice and shiny with very low clicks. Nowadays the four strokes seem to rack up the bulk of the miles in their fleet, judging by the odometers, they are being a ridden …a lot. That tells me the real story! cr

  2. jmp2204 totallyamaha/hcs says:

    thanks for the reponse Chris!It’s cool to here some of this coming from you….on the” 4 not being a viable alternative”i guess it really depends on who builds it!i believe yamaha is cable of anything if they want to do it

  3. 7 skulls, ty4stroke.com says:

    Nice to see the fx nytro with some air under its track, aside from sno-x I mean. I can actually see evidence for a performance gain (weight loss/air manners) over the “current” nytro. Keep the production weight inline with the prototypes and it will be one very impressive sled.
    Can’t wait to see what Snowtech says about the new fx nytro.

  4. AJ Lester says:

    Hi Guys,
    I think you should check out the latest article on the Supertrax website. The link is below. You’ll be very impressed with the response Mark had about the new 2008 Yamaha line up. I know I’m sold, and you can be sure our 2008 press sleds will have even more miles racked up at the end of the season, and possibly a few extra air miles on the FX Nytro!


    Can’t wait for winter!
    AJ Lester

    … Too late AJ, I was on the Supertrax site yesterday reading the Yamaha review, also noticed one of the guys posted a link on Totalyamaha and there is a good thread growing from there. We really appreciate the positive coverage, especially coming from the Supertrax cave as you guys aren’t afraid to call ’em as you see ’em. I’ll make sure Jon reserves an RTX with your name on it 🙂 … cheers cr

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