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March 23, 2007

More Nytro Video clips

We have a new Nytro vid clip on our web-site. The ‘steady-cam’ POV gives and interesting perspective to the ride.
I got an update from Jon, who’s down at ‘Snowshoot‘ in Colorado. Sounds like the Nytro is still turning heads especially now after the magazine guys got to run all the new sleds under the same conditions and back to back. It appears some ‘best new 08‘ opinions have changed in our favor. 😉

I asked Jon to get me some pics and vids covering some of the ‘off-the record‘ stuff on the QT… He will be back in town over the weekend and I’ll post what I can for you on Monday.

This clip is obviously ‘bought and paid for’ but there’s no BS lines attached… (we won’t count Jon’s youthful exuberance!)… enjoy.

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2 Responses to “More Nytro Video clips”

  1. Larry D Lagergren says:

    Well after watching him ride that Nitro he pretty much sumed it up don’t you think.

    YE HAW…..IT ROCKS!!!

    …Larry D Lagergren

  2. Ray Keheo says:

    Great video clip on your web-site.That ‘Snowshoot‘ in Colorado. was phenomenal this year. That Nytro looked really good. If I were you I would expect a lot of favorable looks.

    Looking forward to the new video and pics.

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