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March 19, 2007

Nytro / Apex Video comments

It has been really interesting reading the comments resulting from my little video clip of the two 08 sleds running heads up down Lac L’eau Claire. The subjects of lighter weight, aerodynamics, horsepower and calibration (gearing) are all being kicked around on different forums (especially TY) as a result. I could write a separate post about each one of these and as a matter of fact, I do believe I will!

In the interim I would like to reconfirm what some of you have already said. This was a long way down the lake. It could have been more than 600 meters. The Nytro can holeshot with the best of them. Snow conditions were soft and did not provide a lot of traction. The pilots may have reacted differently to the conditions (there were some good sized bumps out there).
We had fun, the sleds worked great and performed within my expectations. I did not see anyone get off the Nytro without a big grin on their face.

Its also been interesting to note many of the comments I would like to address have not been posted here and that’s cool. I can find all kinds of good subject matter on the forums but don’t forget you are more than welcome to toss your ideas around on this blog as well, I’ll try to address as many as I can.
In case you are just tuning in heres the link to the race on YouTube.

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4 Responses to “Nytro / Apex Video comments”

  1. JOhn Dove says:

    Does the Apex come with the new driect drive system like the Nytro. If not would that not make a big difference in the performance of the sled.
    John I am not sure what you mean by ‘direct drive’ traditionally direct drive meant eliminating the chain-case / jack shaft and affixing the secondary onto the drive shaft. The Nytro does have a similar drive system to the Apex using a jack-shaft and chaincase. The chain-case itself however is and integral cast part of the chassis (similar to Phazer)

  2. Larry D Lagergren says:

    Yamaha; Man you guys just keep getting better each year.

    The new Nitro with NO gear reduction, and a new dual shock rear suspension..WOW, IT’s A WINNER!!….Light , Nimble, Torquey that sled ROCKS and is going to be BLAST to ride, Watch Out Rev Riders in the Twisties. Anyone who wants one better snow check one, as mark my words Yamaha is going to RUN OUT of these babies.

    The new APEX LTX GT……..SUPER SWEET! This is going to be Yamaha’s Finest Trail Sled Yet, from front to back it has it all. I love the Retro look brings back a lot of fond Yamaha memories.


    …Larry D Lagergren

  3. jmp2204(totallyamaha/hcs) says:

    looks like yamaha is continuing to forge ahead with great sleds….the apex owners should not worry too much , i think it will should a larger margin of lead in hard pack conditions…..this blog is also a very good thing to give us yamaha faithful more places to get/share info!

  4. ron butterworth says:

    I am about to join the Yamaha fold again Will the 2008 Apex GT have the 171 hp motor or is it not out until 09?

    …Welcome home Ron, the 08 Apex has the same engine as 07, It’s all about the suspension this year as we offer the Ohlins piggy-backs up front and re calibrated skids, the RTX and LTX included. At this point I would also go so far as to say your 08 will not be obsolete in 09. cr

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