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March 14, 2007

Video: Apex Races FX Nytro

I’ve seen some interesting discussion on the performance potential of Nytro versus Apex and thought some of you might find this clip entertaining. We were in Quebec last week doing demo rides with our dealers At the end of each trail session we stopped on the lake to let them ‘play’, resulting in lots of impromptu races.
Now before you get all analytical on me, this was not a very scientific test. Just some guys goofing on the lake. After a few runs however the results didn’t change that much. Check it out…

The Nytro launches with authority whether it’s a rolling start between 50 to 100kph or heads up from stopped. I think with a little clutching and suspension work, it will also show well on the grass. That kinda instant torque is pretty hard to beat for the hole shot. As most folks already know, the Nytro is geared for corner to corner acceleration and quick transfer in the bumps. For the record this stretch was around 600 meters so neither sled was up to top speed. The temp was above 0’c and was a little bumpy, especially after we got done with it!

And for those of you who are extremely observant, you are correct, those were different sleds in each of the runs, two different Nytro’s running two different Apex’s with different Yamaha dealers piloting each of them. One last thing, it appears the ‘dream’o’meter’ has had a reality check on the Nytro. The numbers appear pretty tight. If you happen to drop by your Yamaha dealer, in the next few days, ask them how they enjoyed Quebec! cheers.

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3 Responses to “Video: Apex Races FX Nytro”

  1. Alain Vmax says:

    Hello Chris,

    not realy a reply to your post, but just a comment…
    I want a let you know i am very very impress with your blog and the time you allow to write your post. Also the quality of every article you write is quite amazing.
    I was talking to Serge Grégoire yesterday and we discuss a bit about your blog, he didn’t visit the blog yet butt he will he said.
    He also told me that you were good friends with Gaby Grégoire witch i also know very well. I am a customer of Gregoire Sport since at least 20 years and even if i moved from Montreal and live in Quebec city now just at the door of ‘Le Parc des Laurentides’ i still travel about 3 hours to gregoire for all my Yamaha toys.
    I am pround owner of RX-Warrior 04, Phazer 07, Grizzly 05, TTR 125 05 (for the kids of course) and Raptor 80 06, (for the other kid) so good collection of toys…

    Anyway, thanks again for the effort to keep your blog and the excellent work.

    Thank you for your kind words Alain, I have the utmost respect for the Gregoire family. They were one of our first 5-star dealerships and in fact were a model for the program. It doesn’t get much better than that, say hello to the guys for me next time you’re there, I had the pleasure to have Gaby stuck to my snow-flap last week!

    Alain Vmax

    If you can follow the link below it will bring you to the advertisement for the Yamaha snowmobile test this weekend at Gregoire Sport.


  2. DoktorC says:


    This is a FANTASTIC idea. I love the prospect of instant information right from the source. The Nytro looks really strong in everything I’ve read and seen (here). This may sound strange but we’re just as excited to try it on the grass as the snow!!

    hmmmmmmmmmmm and when is your first race this year? Maybe we could find a home for an old beat up demo? Unfortunately the grass is coming all too quickly 😉 cr

  3. DoktorC says:

    We usually start racing around the end of August but testing begins as soon as our test track drys out!! If you ever want to go on a test ride…..;)

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