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March 11, 2007

Bump Sled Meets Groomed Trail

I’ve had a great time here in Quebec.
Friday morning, Jon and I woke up to blue skies with minus 14 degree temps and a freshly groomed trail… Gid’y’up!! Weapons of choice: 08 Apex L-TX GT 40th (Ohlins all around) and Nytro RTX 40th. It didn’t take us very long before settling into a nice high speed rhythm session. We traded machines every half hour or so, tweaked the suspension a bit and hammered a couple hundred clicks in short order.
Funny thing, I was trying to think of a good word to describe the Nytro, all I kept thinking was;’ jack-rabbit’. Throttle response, steering, transfer, all very quick. I could do the ‘IMHO’ review thing here but there are lots of good demo ride impressions on Totallyamaha. The one question that keeps going through my mind however: Is the Nytro going to be my personal sled next year?
The Nytro RTX is a serious bump sled. It feels light, really light and the more ‘English’ I throw at it the more it responds. The Apex is an awesome open trail carver, fast, smooth and predictable it can make stutter and medium size bumps all but disappear at any speed.
I like following the groomer, I like railing corners and I love getting into that zone where the ride becomes seamless flow. I don’t like three foot whoop-de-doos and I don’t have to ride miles of kicked out bush trails. ‘Ditch banging’ is something I only have to suffer for 10 minutes to get onto the big lake where I can use as much horsepower as I care to squeeze. I really dig my Apex ‘barefoot-shorty’. I am mortal.
Now on the other hand, there’s my riding partner Jon Blaicher. His favorite sled has been the Attak with the pre-load wound up and RA on max. He goes out of his way to hunt down the ‘fast-talking guys’ in the rough and more often than not makes his points stick, standing up. Talent, youth and ‘big cojones’ go a long way when you want to play that game and Jon’s got all three going on. Neither of us are very heavy or really tall but I’ll be riding a different sled than him next year.

The Nytro is a perfect compliment to our 4-stroke line-up and fills an important niche.
One even the most serious ride forward, oil burning Morgan fans should check out before ruling out a ‘heavy’ 4-stroke.

What’s my point in all this? Buy the sled (not the sizzle) that’s right for you. Read the reviews, talk to your pals but in the end ask yourself how you really intend to ride, what are the average conditions and what part of the riding experience puts the biggest smile on your face.

Here are a couple of tidbits in closing:

The new Nytro will launch with the Apex from stopped or rolling and stay right with it up to about 140 kph after that the Apex starts finger walking it and checks out on top (as it should)

Practically every sled in our line has undergone significant suspension recalibration.
The new Vector has a lower engine mounting location in the Apex chassis than the 4-cylinder, gets my vote for ‘sleeper sled’ of the year.

The ride character between the Nytro RTX and the Nytro is very noticeable the latter having more forgiving trail manners (and a windshield).

Engine braking on the Nytro is still very much there, the control system is quite subtle mostly affecting the initial transfer and only if you really chop the throttle.

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6 Responses to “Bump Sled Meets Groomed Trail”

  1. fenish says:

    I would like if someone could tell me.I’am interested in the Fx Nytro Mtx. But I would like to know if this sled would be a good all round sled,for the average trail rider that wants to play in the deep snow vallies and climb a few nice hills.Please would someone beable to help me out. My email is ddq@rogers.com
    Thank you.
    Good question, the MTX is a mountain sled first and foremost. It is positioned as a ‘boon-docker’ which really translates into a well balanced all around mountain sled as opposed to a hi-mark climbing specialist. It climbs very well (better then we expected) and is very easy to maneuver in deep snow.
    Where you need to be careful in your decision is in the trail application.
    The MTX has a narrower ski stance and combined with the long, deep lug track, will not corner at higher speed as well as a dedicated trail sled. The deep lugs can also be a problem when you get on hard packed, icy trails. You may experience a lot of hyfax wear due to not enough snow getting into the windows to cool and lube. The deep lug tracks don’t like a lot of high speed, hard pack running. They tend to build up heat and can crack at the lug base (I’m talking 140kph and higher sustained speeds). The FI engine is not a concern with regards to altitude. You could consider installing some after market ‘scratchers’ to help lube the track and take it easy on the trail. If money isn’t a big problem, there may be a 1.25 track available or some guys even cut the lugs down but all that depends on your conditions and expectations. You should talk to your local Yamaha dealer and see what experience they have had with our other mountain sleds running in your area. One things for sure, you’ll have a blast in the deep stuff just the way it is.

  2. kc says:

    thanks for the ride review on the nytro,im dying to try one,anyway i can find out about a demo ride in northern ontario?we still have snow for a few more weeks,the nytro mtx is what i want,but would be nice to try one before i put money down..thnx

    sorry kc, we won’t be able to demo ride the MTX in Ontario this year. We are heading out to Revelstoke in a couple of weeks to let our western dealers ride the sled and our guys will be keeping it busy out there for the rest of the season. We are keeping one here for the ‘Big Four’ spring snowmobile tour with the other manufacturers and you’ll be able to at least sit on it and kick the tires. cr

  3. Justin says:

    I am interested in the differences between the Nytro and the Nytro RTX. I’m thinking that I don’t need a sled that will spend all its time in the ditches, but it gets pretty boney up here in Vermont at times and the sled HAS to be able to take it. I ride a AC ZL500 right now and it lands hard and doens’t soak up those bumps the way I want. I’m pretty sold on a nytro, but will the regular one handle the stutter bumps, the big loopy bumps, and the powder well enough, or will only the RTX do that?

    Justin, the RTX is set-up for very aggressive anti-bottoming and you will sacrifice quite a lot of stutter bump comfort, the base model is a better all-rounder for most riders (IMHO). I think you may be quite happy with the base model as it will still take the big hits (different league than your current sled) and offers a better trail ride than the RTX.

  4. Wayne Dooley says:

    Hi I have an 07 Attak and will be buing a Nytro for 08′. I am 230lbs suited up and I bottom out my Attak quite often. I have moved the clip on the shock cam to the 3rd position and I have the cam set to max. Do you think I should be buying the RTX. I don’t want any bottoming out?

    Wayne, its sounds to me the RTX may be your best bet, I think understanding your trail conditions and riding style will provide your answer. Both Nytro models have better anti-bottoming than the stock Attak, you may have had better success with a heavier spring in the mono. One thing to consider, the suspension should bottom occasionally or you won’t be getting full stroke benefit from the suspension, there is additional adjustments in both Nytros but the RTX has the most tension… hope this helps a little… cr

  5. Derek says:

    I am really glad that you had that attak gt survery. I bought an attak GT and i wanted to give my thoughts back to yamaha or someone who could bring them there. I had some minor things but other then that I have to say I am over all very impressed with this design.

  6. Derek says:

    Also I’d just like to say to wayne dooley that i had the same problem with my attak GT. I suggest you take it to the dealer and have them adjust your spring. My shock had completly given out and collapsed on me but my dealer told me about the spring adjustment and i have to say the ride is better. This way you can have both a harder shock and a harder spring which will make for a stronger and more comfortable ride. Also i checked out something called an anti bottoming kit however im not sure how it works. This kit might also help you for more comfort. Good luck with it!

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